Travel diary Karpathos 2018 / part 3

Our last holiday to Karpathos for this year is unfortunately already done. This holiday was again great and we have visited some nice new places! Enjoy 🙂

We are allowed 3 weeks on holiday! Lovely, we are really looking forward to enjoying Karpathos together again!

karpathos 2018

Relaxing @ Ahata beach


karpathos 2018

Isn’t this gorgeous?!


karpathos 2018

We stop for a quick and small lunch at Under the tree. I wanted to go here for a long time already and it’s a nice place! ps. the chicken is really delicious.

I really love yoga to do! And at Ion, they gave yoga classes on the beach, really nice. The lesson starts at 8 o’clock in the morning so during the lesson you feel the heat of the sun and the babbling water and the wind it’s: great!

With the girls in August, we came by accident on the beach Araki beach. Such a picture! I had to go there with Vincent too of course 😉

karpathos 2018

Today we went on an adventure with the quad! Via Youtube, I found a video of a beautiful cave at a beach and this turned out to be Kato Lako. That’s why we rented a quad and we went to have a look.

karpathos 2018

Then look what a beautiful view from above!

karpathos 2018

Once downstairs we first sat on the first beach. What a nice place and on only one other couple (which also soon left again) there was no one at all!

karpathos 2018

After a short search and a lot of walking, we found it: the cave on Kato Lako.

Just at day at Lefkos.


We went for the first time to Olympos. It was very beautiful and luckily we were there before all the tourist buses arrived.

The last week we were together with my in-laws and during a day on the quad, we showed them Kyra Panagia, Kato Lako, Apella, and Messochori.

This is still such a beautiful view!

Halfway our week together we went to Saria from Diafani. Wonderful to see this place again! We have also been in two caves, but unfortunately without a camera so I could not take pictures of it, but it was beautiful!

The last day of our holiday has already arrived. Fortunately, the wind was good today and I do some windsurfing 🙂

See you next year, my love!


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