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26 June 2019

It is nice to be back in the Netherlands, but I miss Karpathos already! We had two fantastic weeks. First 10 days with Alwin and Renee and then the last view days together.

We had never been to Karpathos in June (we always went in May), but I thought it was a wonderful period! It is still nice and quiet on the island, everything really needs to get going. But unlike May, we have had 100% sun, no rain and the seawater was nice enough to swim in. We will certainly continue in June, I think;)

What have we done this vacation? Nothing and a lot at the same time haha! Do you recognize that? Every day we have been on the road, but we ended up just lying on the beach for 4-5 hours every day. Our vacation consisted mainly of beach, food and 30 seconds.

Dansen Alwin en Renee Lux View Villas Karpathos

Alwin and Renee had already told us a few months ago that they are engaged. During our stay at Lux View Villas, they gave us their wedding card. Magnificent! Renee is very good with hand lettering and made the wedding card themselves 🙂 During their wedding there will be nice dancing and salsa. Vincent and I can’t do any salsa at all and that’s why they taught us the e.e.a.

In recent months I have regularly received questions about vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free food on Karpathos. Is this possible? How big is the choice? And are products also available in the supermarket? We were able to test this holiday well. Renee does not eat meat, so we could take a good look at what she could eat in a country that is famous for meat. Spoiler: that went without problems! A blog about this will follow later, stay tuned! And uhh .. Alwin always eats home nicely with Renee for a few days at home, but he saw all that meat in Greece and especially felt (supported by Vincent!) The urge to compensate Renee’s meatless meals haha;)

Alwin (with Vincent) completely happy with their mix grill at Mesogios

Mosquitoes …

Halfway through our vacation, we received the message that the mosquitoes in Greece contain a virus. We didn’t actually see a mosquito, only once when the wind was quiet in Afiartis. Furthermore, we never actually have mosquitoes here (or flies and wasps), because of the strong wind. Have there been people in Pigadia or anywhere else who have been troubled by mosquitoes? Let me know! Soon there will also be an article about the mosquitoes in Greece.

Photos say much more than words, that’s why my story stopped here. View photos of our vacation with a nice impression of our vacation. Enjoy!



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