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Damn! The weather is so bad here in the Netherlands. We have only just returned and I am already sniffing due to the temperature difference. Although we miss Karpathos, it is also nice to be home again. It was nice to be able to relax on our comfy couch again and sleep in our box spring bed 😉

3 weeks have flown by! And how nice it was at the end of September. For a moment I was afraid that the weather would be bad. The day we arrived it was extremely cold and the next day I had to eat long sleeves and jeans. Fortunately, the weather improved afterwards. It became nice and warm again (around 30 degrees) and the wind subsided. In the evening, only a sheet was sufficient, that says enough!


By the way, we had a beautiful landing like the one above! From the plane we could see Karpathos in its entirety. Here we fly at the height of Afiartis and we could see Saria lying down, beautiful!

Once in our house it always feels like coming home again, that’s great! Normally we go unpack immediately and then to the beach, but that went a bit differently now. First messing around in the house and taking a nap. All so that we can eat at En Plo in the evening and watch Ajax – PSV. Haha jup! We are even watching football holidays.

En Plo Karpathos

The first two weeks we had the best ‘pressure’. Vincent and I have spent a lot of time creating content with others too. For example, we went for a walk with Renate and Tom from Art & Walk. And we have been mountain biking and climbing in collaboration with ION! All super cool and of course you will read more about that later. Oh yes, we also went hiking to the highest point of Karpathos. The Kali Limni is the highest point of the island with more than 1200 meters. From here you can see (without clouds) both ends of the island, super cool!

We have also been busy in the house. We have dyed our kitchen. All cupboards and exterior walls are made of wood and have such an old, ugly color. Not cozy at all and so we opted for a very light mint green. It was quite a job, but we are very happy with the end result.

The last week I really didn’t want anything at all. We had nothing planned (ok, Lux View Villas, but that is also very relaxed) and we have taken it easy. Of course we also have some nice pictures of this (see below).

After 3 weeks it was time to go home again. A pity, but luckily we can always look forward to next year. In the meantime, this winter we will of course pick up nice memories from last year, you will find plenty of new tips on our channels and together we will make new plans for Karpathos 2020!


Athina & Vincent

Dit vind je vast ook leuk!

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