Kalimera! I’m sitting with 25 degrees on the beach, but I have prepared this blog ‘Travel Tips Greece’ in advance for you! Are you planning a trip to Greece soon? Then do not skip these travel tips! I give you 6 tips that you should not forget when traveling to Greece.


  • Cash

Greece is the land of cash money. Where we now all prefer to pin everything (yes, also that small bread of 0.50 cents!), Greeks pay almost everything in cash. On many islands, you simply can not pin in restaurants or shops and we even pay the gas/ light/water from our house in cash.


  • Driving

Greeks are a bunch of crazy people on the road. They are calling, screaming and drive with one hand on the roof. So be prepared when you get into a taxi 😉 I am finally used to the taxi myself. On Karpathos, there are no junctions and you notice that the driver is just used to the roads, but the first time was sweating!


  • Holiday

Where in the Netherlands we are becoming more and more flexible (even at Remembrance Day our city Rotterdam want to keep their stores open), it is no more than normal in Greece that stores are closed on public holidays. So you can’t buy your Easter meal, on the same morning as we are used to 😉 Be sure to check if there are Greek holidays when you are there and go shopping the day before.


Reistips Griekenland


Reistips Griekenland


  • Taxis

One more time about those taxis. Probably you prefer to drive yourself after my story above about Greeks and traffic, but it also saves a lot for your wallet. Where in Italy, Portugal and Spain’s taxis are incredibly cheap, that is not the case in Greece. With a car, you are ultimately cheaper and you are freer to do what you want.


  • Drinking water

In Greece, you better not drink water from the tap. We are used to good quality water (especially in South-Holland) and therefore an extra reason not to drink the water from the tap. In the supermarket, you can get a cheap bottle of water and in a restaurant, you can order a 1.5-liter bottle for € 1.50. On some islands, you will also find water sources along the way where you can fill your bottle. Make sure the water is not cloudy!


  • Toilet paper

This I still find a bit annoying. In the Netherlands, we are used to a fantastic sewer system, but that is different in Greece. This is the reason why you should NEVER throw the toilet paper in the toilet when you are in Greece.  Always throw it in the garbage can.


Do you have any useful tips to add to the list of Travel Tips for Greece?



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