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Authentic Olympos | 100% worth a visit on Karpathos

15 October 2018

Finally, we did it! We brought a visit to the village Olympos. This is how I feel about it. Enjoy reading! 


You can find Olympos in the North of Karpathos at about 1-hour drive from the capital Pigadia. Olympos is a village where the Greek traditions still exist and where the women still walk around in traditional costume. Until a few years ago you could only go by boat via Diafani to Olympos. There was a dirt road from Pigadia, but this was strictly discouraged. Since a few years, it is ash-plated and you can now go to the village on your own! We have considerably delayed visits to Olympos. We could not go there in the old days and it is still a decent ride, but also because I hear that it is becoming (too) touristy. Yet we thought it was time to visit and see for ourselves. 


Olympos Karpathos

Olympos Karpathos

Olympos Karpathos


We left early in the morning to be a bit ahead of the crowds. At a quarter to 10, we arrived in Olympos. Glad we had a cloudy day, otherwise, the walking through the village would be really hot! Olympos looks beautiful from the road, just like a painting. The village has a nice walking route with beautiful photogenic houses. The church in Olympos also looks beautiful! Arriving around 10 am was a good idea. There were 5 cars parked and no buses so we could really just look around and enjoy. The shops were also quiet and so there was not yet ‘pumped’ to buy something. In a small street, we found a shop that was new this year and sold all different flavours of honey. We have been able to taste it and finally bought a jar of fresh honey with thyme. At 11 o’clock two buses arrived and flushed all tourists inside (also a lot of people by car!) Fortunately, we were just about to leave. The atmosphere immediately changed for us. All of a sudden, whole hordes of people gathering through streets, nothing for us!


Olympos Karpathos

Olympos Karpathos


Although Olympos is quite touristy (apart from tourists themselves there are also cafes and lot’s souvenir shops), I think it’s worth it to visit the village. It is a beautiful village with beautiful photogenic streets and houses. If you are going on a tour, it probably lacks the authentic atmosphere that Olympos knows. Therefore, go on your own and also early or late in the afternoon. Before the buses (and other tourists), you have plenty of time to enjoy this gorgeous place!


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