Greece recently warned tourists to enter the mosquitoes in the country. The mosquitoes would cause the West Nile virus. But what does that mean and can you do something about it?

The West Nile virus

As the name West Nile Virus already reveals a bit, this virus comes from countries around the Nile River. The mosquitoes have also been found in other countries for a number of years, and now also in Greece.

However, not every mosquito carries the virus. People who are stabbed are said to have 80% nothing left. 20% can suffer from West Nile fever. Characteristics include headache, fever, abdominal pain. About 1% becomes seriously ill and may die as a result of, among other things, meningitis. Unfortunately, there is no medicine or vaccine, but doctors can help to reduce the symptoms of the virus.

Protect yourself against mosquitoes in Greece

  • It may be a bit drastic, but you might consider choosing accommodation in a place where it windy as much as possible. For us, that is one of the plus points at the location of our own house. When the wind blows we have no problems with insects, which you see immediately when we have little or no wind once a day
  • Avoid spots with stagnant water
  • Take DEET on holiday and have a bottle with more than 30% DEET, otherwise, you will have to lubricate every hour
  • Take a mosquito net with you to sleep under and/or provide covering clothing
  • Take citronella candles for the evening on your balcony/terrace
  • Stabbed anyway? There is no immediate reason to panic! I like to use tea tree oil to get rid of the itchy feeling