10x waarom je op vakantie moet naar karpathos (1)
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10x why you must go on holidays to Karpathos

18 October 2018

Summer is here already past and know that you can go back daydreaming about new destinations for 2017. It’s no secret that Karpathos is my favourite and it will be back on my travel list for 2017. I can really think of 1000 reasons why you should go to Karpathos on vacation. The island has in my opinion really everything to offer. 1000 reasons will be a little too long of course, so I have 10 reasons for you what makes Karpathos so special.


10x waarom je op vakantie moet naar karpathos (1)


“Karpathos gives you the peace in mind you expect on vacation”

During a break, I find it very important to relax, not in a sense that you shouldn’t do anything, but I do believe that vacation is to relax. I plan alongside a ‘busy’ holiday like a road trip, always a relaxing holiday. In addition, Karpathos is also a relatively unknown island so it is still so nice and quiet: sometimes we are sitting alone on a beach. After a holiday here I really feel like my body is completely reset.


“The temperature is just perfect, not too hot and not cold”

I get already stuffy when my friends come back from Turkey and they had 45 degrees. I like the sun and it should definitely be 30 degrees, but let it be 30 degrees and not higher.


“A participant of Masterchef Greece has her own restaurant”

Food! I love it. At Karpathos, you’ll find a lot of Greek restaurants and of course, that make sense in Greece but when I spend 3 weeks here I prefer sometimes a different kind of food. I am therefore very happy with the restaurant Poseidon. The owner was a participant of Masterchef Greece and therefore the Greek food is served slightly different:  delicious!


10x waarom je op vakantie moet naar karpathos (1)


“Karpathos is small so you can get a good impression in a short time”

If you want to go to America on holiday where do you start?! The country is so big that one holiday is never enough. That’s what I love about Karpathos: it’s so nice and small. So if you go for the first time and have only a week then that’s enough.


“Olympos is where you can still see the traditional Greece”

On a much larger and more massive island in Greece, the traditional is no longer retrievable. The islands are crammed with all-inclusive hotels and you will find big ‘strip’ where all – drunk – youth people go on holiday. Fortunately, that is on Karpathos absolutely not the case. Especially in the village of Olympos, you do really have traditional Greece. Back here the women still wearing their original clothing, which is really very beautiful!


“It’s one of the best hotspots for windsurfing in the world”

Karpathos is one of the best hotspots for windsurfing in the world. This is due to the fact that the wind is constantly present, especially in the summer months, the wind is up to 7 or 8 bft. We have, a few years back, several years enjoyed the ISWC (International Speed Windsurfing Championship) That was really cool to experience, I can tell you! The wind is mainly found in Afiarti when you prefer less wind during your holiday go-to Pigadia or Amoopi.


10x waarom je op vakantie moet naar karpathos (1)


“At Stema bar you can party until the early hours”

Big clubs which are located on Crete and Zante you will not find on Karpathos. Yet there is a place that is really nice for spending your evenings and that is Stema bar. The bar can be found in a tiny street in Arkassa. Here you can enjoy cocktails late into the night .. or should I say morning  😉


“With full moon you can look at a red moon in the bay”

When I am planning a trip to Karpathos, I always check when the moon is full. Unfortunately, sometimes it didn’t match with my vacation so I missed him the past two years. During the full moon the moon turns red (presumably by sand from the Sahara), which really gives a beautiful picture. From our house, we can enjoy the moon that falls perfectly into the bay and if you are even luckier you can see dolphins in the moonlight too.


10x waarom je op vakantie moet naar karpathos (1)


“The beaches are very diverse”

Karpathos is not a large island in less than a few hours you can drive around the entire island. Yet it has to offer so many diverse beaches. In May you can find me at Amoopi or Kira Panagia, because then is quiet there and not so cold as other places on the Island. In high season I prefer not to go here because It is too hot and too busy. So then I choose Arkassa (for risk of high waves definitely the days after full moon) or Diakoftis (best place for snorkelling).


“The sky is so much nicer than in the Netherlands”

Just as beautiful as the full moon is also the stars at Karpathos. Fortunately, this is not even ones a month, but every day. I really enjoy looking for the stars in the evening. We also see quite a lot of shooting stars, I think I see them a couple of times during the holidays. I’ve never seen them in the Netherlands though.



Hopefully, I have managed to make you excited about Karpathos! Have you been there before?


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