Why we started our blog about Karpathos and what it brought us

Travelbyheart.nl has been around for about 2.5 years already! In that time we changed a lot on our blog, we were looking for our way of blogging and we learned a lot. In this blog, it’s time for a personal note! We tell you why we started blogging, what our blog means and what we wish for the future. Enjoy!


Actually, I started blogging by Vincent. As a small child, I did not have any patience and I preferred everything NOW and all at once. I could not be busy with anything for 5 minutes or I was already looking for something else. When Vincent was busy with his hobby Goosebumpers, I was bored again and that was the time we thought about a hobby for me, which turned about with the blogging idea. I was always looking for cool destinations, reading articles about countries both offline and online. Yes, writing about travelling, that seemed to me a bit, since that was my passion! And so I started my blog, a personal blog about all the long trips that we would make because we already had something on our bucket list. Yet the blog quickly changed the subject. I saw so many other bloggers who blogged about all the destinations where they went (preferably as far and as often as possible). In addition, the trips to Italy, Spitsbergen and Scandinavia were great, but it did not make us feel what we had when we were on Karpathos. Especially I soon realized that distant destinations and many different countries do not really see my thing. Sure I liked the places that we had seen, they were nice holidays, but it always felt different from ‘our Karpathos’. When that realization came, my blog also changed. I wanted to be different than the other bloggers, not be someone who blogs about all of her trips and how could that be better than blogging about something very specific! Karpathos is our passion and we are so very enthusiastic about it, so why should not I start blogging about that ?! So I started to redesign my blog in 2017 and more blogging about Karpathos and although I left the old blogs of other destinations, there were no new ones. Eventually, there was a special moment at the end of 2017: we bought our own house on Karpathos and that was the point that travelbyheart.nl changed forever in a blog about Karpathos and our blog became.


Karpathos tas

Saria Karpathos strand


Why we blog about Karpathos

Blogging about Karpathos was actually a very logical step. We tell friends, family, everyone about Karpathos, we are always so enthusiastic and want to convey that enthusiasm. We have also been coming to Karpathos for a long time and so we already know many places that we would like to share with you. However, there was little information about Karpathos and the information there is mainly standard (promoted) articles. Very sad, because personal stories and tips are so much more fun to read than a standard article without experience! When we decided to start blogging about Karpathos, everything fell into place. It immediately felt good to blog about something that we are extremely enthusiastic about. Through our blog, we want to make others enthusiastic about this beautiful Greek island. We want to share our experiences and love for this island and we especially hope that when people go to Karpathos, they will not get stuck in the capital Pigadia, but start exploring the island by car. We notice that there are still many people who stay in one place. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but Karpathos has so many beautiful places to offer that it is a shame to skip it and we would like to pass it on!


Why blogging is more than a hobby

Our blog started as a hobby and partly it is. We do it in our free time and find it very nice! Yet we see our blog more as our company. Very nice, but hard work, it is practically a full-time job! Many people think that it is a very easy hobby. You simply write a story and post it online, but blogging is so much more than that! Our blog is almost a full-time job, we put a lot of time into it. You do not write a blog ‘just’. There must be a clear topic, with beautiful photos that we have to edit. The text must also be SEO-proof because Google likes that and we are found. There is also a lot of time in the promotion of our articles, only putting on Google is not enough. We will share them with you on FacebookPinterest en InstagramIn addition, there is a lot of work behind it. We have to keep the website up-to-date continuously to make sure it stays safe and works well and do not forget to answer e-mails and private messages with questions from you 🙂

Huis Karpathos


What our blog brought us

We have been blogging for 2.5 years already and although the first year did not amount to much (we were really looking for our style), it is really nice to see that we are growing more and more and learn more! Where we started with 30 friends who followed us on Facebook are now more than 500 nice people who follow our stories and tips with great pleasure. That also applies to Instagram. In the meantime, more than 1100 people are following our stories with great pleasure and we are getting more and more private messages with questions about Karpathos. And that is of course super fun and also the reason that we started our blog about Karpathos: to give tips and to make you all enthusiastic about Karpathos.

Of course, it is nice to see that we are getting bigger and bigger, but we are also getting to know more and more people through our blog! Very nice to get to know others in this way 😊 Our blog also brought our first media attention, because as you probably already knew we were in the December issue of the Dutch magazine called Greece magazine! So cool!


Technical nerds

Besides all nice new experiences, we have learned a lot from blogging. For example, we had no idea what SEO entails (making your text readable so that Google finds you ‘nice’ and you appear in the search results) and we now know much better how to set up our blogs. And who would have thought that I would get so much sense from maintaining a website. Vincent is regularly proud of me! In recent years I have learned a lot (thanks to other bloggers and Youtube!) And I solve a lot of technical things myself! I never thought I could do something like that and you see, just do it and you learn it automatically 😊


Lux View Villas Karpathos


The future of Travelbyheart.nl

We naturally hope that Travelbyheart.nl will be the biggest blog about Karpathos! We are working hard on improving our articles so that we can be found better in Google and daily we brainstorm about our blog for new topics and areas for improvement. On the website, of course, we want to share more and more tips about Karpathos, so we plan every holiday new things that we would like to discover so that we can tell you about it again! We are working hard for our website and hope to really make our company in the future. For example, I write texts for other companies and we are busy setting up an online travel advice service on our blog. Here we would like to help others with the search for airline tickets and accommodation, but also share personal hotspots with them. It seems cool to us if we can work online so that we can go to Karpathos for a longer period of time and not be dependent on it anymore. Once we hope to release our own travel guide about Karpathos, that would be a great milestone!


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