Planning to go windsurfing on Karpathos? Here are my 7 tips!


I think windsurfing is fantastic! When my parents bought the house and I could see all those guests tearing from the balcony, I also wanted to go straight to the water. That happened and since then I try to go windsurfing a few times every holiday. Karpathos is one of the best hotspots in the world if it comes down to windsurfing. Windsurfing on Karpathos, however, is not the easiest place to learn, this is mainly due to the fall winds from the mountains and especially in July and August the force of the wind is pretty hard. Still, I advise you to give it a try if you go to Karpathos and in order to prepare you well, I have here 7 tips for you.


Always ware a T-shirt

I like  to wear a T-shirt when I’m windsurfing, but it’s also much better for your shoulders because they burn very quickly when you’re on the water. If you do not have a special T-shirt for surfing you can just wear a normal T-shirt, this only stays wet a little faster, but that’s all.


Stay close to the beach

This depends a bit on where you go surfing, but for Karpathos, this is a very important one. The bay is like a bowl and you really have to stay at the bottom of the bowl as a beginner, so at the beach. If you surf back and forth you will eventually end up at the top of that bowl and we do not want that. At the top of this bowl, it is deep and the wind gets harder. You haven’t learned how to do a water start yet and you do not know how to surf back to the beach.  So if you have surfed to one side, you have to walk a bit to the side of the beach again. Unfortunately, I have seen too many people who do not realize how far they are at sea and they can not come back alone. The boat will pick you up if they see that people can’t come back anymore, but believe me: you do not want this!


Learn about the spot where you windsurf

Every windsurfing spot is different, so study the place especially before you go on the water. Where does the wind direction come from and which way should you surf? And also learn the rules of the water. Who, for example, has a priority? 


windsurfen op Karpathos


Learn to windsurf when the wind force is low

When windsurfing you need wind, but for beginners, the wind is soon too hard and you lose the sail out of your hands. So start practising with a low wind force such as 4 to 5 for example. This way you can get the technique under control and if that is good you can go for the harder winds.


Don’t be afraid of falling into the water

Jup, because this is going to happen for sure. Try not to be afraid of falling, especially when you are afraid you often fall in a weird way because you are going to force yourself. So if you have the idea that you are going to fall, just fall.


windsurfen op Karpathos


Make sure you use (water) gloves

Maybe you do not need them the first time, but once you’re able to stay stable on the board and you’re going to ‘play’ a bit more with the wind, then gloves are a must. If you do not do this, your hands will be covered with blisters and loose skin after an hour and that is of course not what we want.


Lifting weights

Do you know in advance that you are going windsurfing? Then I advise you to do some strength training, especially for your arms and back because you definitely need them when windsurfing on  Karpathos!

Have you ever surfed on Karpathos?


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