Windsurfing on one of the best spots in the world

When I was 10 years old my parents bought a house on Karpathos. From the balcony, we have a perfect view of the bays were allot of people windsurfing. As a little girl, I was immediately sold to this sport. At the age of 12, I started and I have not regretted: it really is the most amazing sport I’ve ever done!


About windsurfing on Karpathos

Karpathos is an island located in the Dodecanese, between Crete and Rhodes. An unknown island where there have been preserved many traditions. Right next to the airport of Karpathos you find a surfing paradise, located in the town called Afiartis. Thanks to the relief and many fall winds Karpathos is one of the best windsurfing spots in the world. The best time for windsurfing on Karpathos is in the months July and Augusts because the wind is the best in these months, still, you can also windsurf in other months on Karpathos. The breeze from the north or northwest ranging between 4 and 8 Beaufort, makes Afiartis a great windsurfing spot. Afiartis has three large bays for windsurfing, each with their own character.


Chicken Bay is a sandy beach that has shallow water. Making this the perfect beach to practice and people who are trying new skills. The more experienced surfers can surf via the channel to the other bays or to more open water.  Besides Chicken bay you find Gun Bay, here you can go if you want to escape the shallow waters and prefer the open sea. The sea is wilder, with some small waves and the wind is stronger than at Chicken Bay. The real pros windsurf at Devil’s Bay. My ultimate dream yuuy! 😉 The water in Devil’s Bay is flat and here you can really make speed! The ISWC (Speed Windsurfing World Championships) was held more than once on Devil’s Bay.


Windsurfen op Karpathos

Windsurfen op Karpathos


Flight and accommodation

The prices for a flight to Karpathos from The Netherlands are very different from the airline. The best way is to compare prices from airlines or go to a website such as Skyscanner which finds the best way for you. For accommodation I recommend the following nearby the windsurf stations.


Besides windsurfing, you can also visit the island for other activities. Ion Club (formerly Mistral) offers besides windsurfing also mountain biking, climbing, and yoga. They also organize barbecues and they have a solid evening in the week when they organize a party. Obviously, you visit Karpathos does not have to be devoted to sporting activities. Enjoy especially the variety of beaches, restaurants, and nature!

If you plan (and I certainly recommend you to!) to see more of the island than just the windsurf spot, I recommend you to rent a car or scooter so you can see the island on your own terms.


Have you ever windsurfed?


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